Date ideas and gift guide for Valentine’s Day in Elsternwick Village

Love is in the air: A Valentine’s Day guide to Elsternwick Village

Ah, love is a splendid thing, especially when celebrated in the charming precinct of Elsternwick Village.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the heart of Melbourne’s retail scene beats a little louder, and Elsternwick Village invites you to make this romantic occasion unforgettable.

Whether you’re planning a cosy dinner, a unique experience, or searching for the perfect gift, Elsternwick Village has you covered.

So, let’s embark on a journey to discover the most enchanting Valentine’s Day date ideas and gift inspiration available right here in Elsternwick Village.

Valentine’s Day date ideas

Dinner date: A symphony of flavours

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in a romantic dinner, and Elsternwick Village boasts a plethora of culinary delights.

Picture this: candlelit tables, a touch of ambiance, and the tantalising aroma of authentic Italian dishes at 48h Pizza e Gnocchi Bar, Etto Pasta Bar or Via Campanella.

If Italian isn’t your flavour of choice, venture to Copycat Bar and Restaurant for a sophisticated modern Australian menu, Farang Farang for Thai dishes, or Hanoi Hannah for a trip to Vietnam.

Meet for a drink: Toast to love

Raise your glasses at one of Elsternwick Village’s atmospheric bars. Antique Bar, Bang Bang, Goat House, Upstairs Cellar, and Umbrella Lounge offer the ideal setting for a romantic toast.

Sip on cocktails that echo the spirit of love and let the night unfold in the heart of this vibrant precinct.

Catch a flick: Love in cinematic splendour

For a timeless and classic experience, head to Classic Cinemas for a movie date. The venue’s traditional setting and old-time vibe create a romantic atmosphere.

Top off the evening with a drink at their rooftop bar – the perfect spot to continue the love story after the credits roll.

Make it an experience: Create memories together

Take your Valentine’s Day beyond the ordinary by engaging in a unique experience.

Create a masterpiece together with a painting class at UpVibes Paint & Sip Studio, get hands-on with a pottery workshop at Ceramiques, enjoy a bottomless brunch at Tacos ‘N’ Tequilas, strike a pose in a yoga class at Yoga Tree, or embark on a self-guided op shop tour of Elsternwick Village’s charity stores and treat your loved one to a few purchases along the way.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Chocolates and sweet treats: Sweet love in every bite

Indulge your sweet tooth with chocolates and treats from Coles supermarket, or for a more artisanal touch, explore the delightful selections at Will’s Batch Ice Cream and Luna Blu Gelato.

Flowers or plants: Blooms of love

Say it with flowers or plants from Shady Hill Luxury Flowers or Green Envy. These traders will help you express your feelings with the beauty of nature.

Jewellery: Sparkle of affection

Gifts of jewellery speak volumes on Valentine’s Day. H&H Jewellery, Meurers Jewellers, and All Diamonds Jewellery offer exquisite pieces that will make your loved one’s heart skip a beat.

Unique gifts: Treasures that tell a story

Find treasures that tell a story at Elsternwick Village’s unique gift shops.

Ruby’s Gifts offers an array of homewares, accessories, and handbags; Tonic Australia has gorgeous cosmetics bags and luxury bath sets; and Avenue Bookstore offers a plethora of titles to suit any bookworm.

Fashion or accessories: Stylish tokens of love

This Valentine’s Day give the gift of style!

For the men, you’ll find a great new outfit at Mitchell McCabe Menswear or Profile by Pino Cucurio. For the ladies, pick up the latest fashion looks at Energie Spirit, Urban Soul and Sussan.

Homewares: Gifts for the heart of the home

For those who love decorating or entertaining at home, explore Mercantile Home, Dalgarno’s of Elsternwick, Linen House Outlet, and Perfect Gifts & Homewares. These stores offer homewares that will add a touch of love to any home.

In the heart of Elsternwick Village, love is not just in the air; it’s in every corner, every dish, and every gift. This Valentine’s Day, let the shopping precinct be the backdrop to your love story.

Whether you’re sharing a meal, creating memories, or finding the perfect gift, Elsternwick Village is where love blossoms.

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