Date ideas and gift guide for Valentine’s Day in Elsternwick Village

Date ideas and gift guide for Valentine’s Day in Elsternwick Village

Expressing the depth of our love is something we all aspire to doing, yet it can seem like an impossible task.

How can a Valentine’s Day gift ever convey how much that special person means to us and how grateful we are to have them in our lives?

The secret to the perfect Valentine’s Day date or gift is all in the thoughtfulness; it’s showing our beloved that we chose a Valentine’s Day destination or present particular to them, with their joy and happiness the number one consideration.

Here are some totally romantic date ideas and gifts ideas in Elsternwick Village that this Valentine’s Day will leave them in no doubt that they are loved.

Valentine’s Day date ideas

Dinner date

It’s a classic date night, and the first chapter of the most memorable love stories, and for good reason – sharing a meal is the perfect back drop to conversation and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

This year, add some zest to your Valentine’s Day dining experience by trying something new at one of Elsternwick Village’s great international restaurants.

Bistro GOEMON offers authentic Japanese food, Budapest Restaurant & Palinka Bar specialises in all things Hungarian, and Via Campanella offers a wonderfully intimate dining experience.

Want to share a meal at an Elsternwick Village restaurant completely out of the box? You’ve got to try the Indian fusion burgers Burger Shurger.

End the evening on a sweet note and treat your loved one to an ice cream at Luna Blu Gelato.

Enjoy a drink at a bar

Sharing a drink at a quirky bar is one of the most intimate and relaxing ways to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day, and at Elsternwick Village you have your pick of the best.

The vintage furniture, old world decor and candlelight at Antique Bar combine to create a warm and inviting ambiance; for something more sophisticated drop into Copycat and sample their menu of unique cocktails, whisky, gins, and wines; or for wine lovers, head to Upstairs Cellar for a wine tasting.

See a film

With its plush interiors, there’s no cinema that captures the romantic vibe of Valentine’s Day quite like the Classic Cinemas. When you catch a film at Classic Cinemas, you’re not just watching a romance unfold, you’re experiencing one.

Even better, if weather permits, book your place at the Classic Cinema’s rooftop cinema and enjoy a film cuddling beneath a blanket under a sky filled with stars.

Pamper your loved one

Everyone loves a luxurious spa experience, and this Valentine’s Day why not book a couples massage at a local salon? Or primp and preen together at one of Elsternwick Village’s nail bars and hair salons.

Try a unique activity

Nothing reinvigorates love like new shared experiences, and Elsternwick Village has some great activities for reconnecting this Valentine’s Day – and having fun!

You can take a pottery class at Ceramiques, try your hand at painting at UpVibes Paint & Sip Studio, or check out the scheduled cooking classes at 48H Pizza e Gnocchi Bar.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas - Elsternwick Village

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Chocolates and sweet treats

On Valentine’s Day you simply cannot go wrong with chocolate! Coles supermarket has a great range of chocolate for Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Or, for something a bit different, check out Will’s Batch Ice Cream for a great range of frozen chocolate treats.

Flowers or plants

Whatever Valentine’s Day gift you choose, make sure it’s delivered with flowers.

You can choose a pretty arrangement at Shady Hill Luxury Flowers, a beautiful potted plant or garden supplies from Crabtree & Weeks, or some stylish indoor foliage from Green Envy.


The most special of Valentine’s Day gifts sparkle.

Choose a beautiful piece of jewellery at Elsternwick Village’s H&H Jewellery or Meurers Jewellers, or make this the Valentine’s Day you’ll remember by getting down on bended knee and presenting a diamond from All Diamonds Jewellery.

Individual gifts

Elsternwick Village has many gift stores that make choosing a present for that someone special this Valentine’s Day easy.

Check out the huge range of gifts big and small at Ruby’s Gifts, get a cosmetics bag or luxury bath set from Tonic Australia, or choose a gift that will bring hours of pleasure with a book from Avenue Bookstore.

Fashion or accessories

This Valentine’s Day give the gift of style with fashion!

For the men, you’ll find a great new look at Mitchell McCabe Menswear or Profile by Pino Cucurio; and for women, pick up a great quality stylish outfit from Energie Spirit or Urban Soul.


Making your house a home is one of the romantic ways you can spend Valentine’s Day.

You can start the journey in Elsternwick Village with a beautiful piece for your home from Mercantile Home, which has decorating trends from around the world.

There’s also Dalgarno’s of Elsternwick, which offers quality homewares at exceptionally good prices. Or head to Perfect Gifts and Homewares for a variety of homewares at reasonable prices.

With so many wonderful Valentine’s Day experiences and gift ideas, Elsternwick Village will make this Valentine’s Day one filled with love, happiness and lasting memories.

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