Guide to op shops in Elsternwick Village

Guide to op shops in Elsternwick Village

There was a time when charity shops were considered the domain of little old ladies searching for crocheted knee rugs; strange and slightly scary-looking hunters of ‘collectables’; or families who had fallen on hard times but would be back on their feet soon.

Times have most certainly changed.

These days, pop into an op shop and you’re more likely to run into a very different crowd.

There are the young professionals in search of unique and memorable gifts; a group of teenage girls trying on vintage gowns for their upcoming formals; and casual shoppers sporting the kind of smile that comes from holding the same saucepan mum had in the kitchen when they were a child.

Bargain hunters and serious shoppers alike know that op shops are places of treasure, a welcome departure from off-the-rack items and cookie cutter stores.

They also know that with five of Melbourne’s best in one precinct, Elsternwick Village is an op shop oasis.

Australian Red Cross

A great general charity shop featuring an extensive range of homewares, fashion and books, the Australian Red Cross in Elsternwick Village is an ideal place to find a unique gift for any occasion. Hint: Search out all the nooks and crannies – it’s where all the best finds are found!

Posh Opp Shoppe

Described as a cross between an op shop and antique store, Posh Opp Shoppe explodes the myth that second hand means second rate. Posh Opp Shoppe is Elsternwick Village’s treasure-trove of retro designer fashion and special homewares and ornaments.

Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop

A charity shop with a feel of a fashionable boutique, Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop is a great place to pick up vintage evening and formal wear. It also boasts a large section of homewares and art so it’s great for anyone setting up a home.

Salvos Stores

An op shop for the whole family, Salvos Stores in Elsternwick Village is a great place to buy pre-loved children’s toys and nursery items, as well as general household goods and ready-to-wear fashion.

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