Fun ways to enjoy summer in Elsternwick Village

Fun ways to enjoy summer in Elsternwick Village

If this year has taught us anything, it’s about the value of the simple things – those little moments that fill our lives with true joy.

Think long summer days spent with loved ones, shopping with friends, laughing over delicious meals in restaurants, and the ultimate freedom of being out and about in the world.

We have a lot to celebrate this summer, and Elsternwick Village is full of great places and activities to fill your warm days and nights with fun.

Here are some ideas on how you can create amazing summer memories in Elsternwick Village:

Catch up over brunch

Brunch is one of life’s little pleasures and it combines our two favourite indulgences: spending time with friends and family, and delectable food created by expert cooks.

We all have a lot of catching up to do, and what better way to reconnect with the people we love than with great conversation and the simple practice of sharing a meal?

Elsternwick Village is teeming with fashionable restaurants, delis, and cafes, so catching up over brunch can be a new experience every week.

With so many eating establishments featuring outdoor dining options in the glorious sunshine, don’t be surprised if brunch continues well into the afternoon.

Go on an op shop crawl

After a year of online shopping, it’s finally time to get the squad together and hit the stores.

And nowhere is the in-store experience quite as special as in second-hand and charity shops, where every item is unique and has a story to tell.

If you’re tired of mass-produced fast fashion and accessories, you’ll love Elsternwick Village’s fantastic charity shops.

Packed with one-of-a-kind items, recycled designer gems, and cute retro homewares, second-hand stores are a treasure trove for the fashion-savvy or creatively inclined.

Pamper yourself

If you’ve emerged from iso resembling a hairy yeti, you’re probably already dreaming of a leisurely summer day spent at a spa or salon. It’s called self-care, and you’ve earned it.

There are few things in life more relaxing or rejuvenating than time spent pampering our bodies. Imagine stepping out of the hot sunshine into a cool beauty salon in Elsternwick Village, and sinking into a comfortable chair or bed, letting all the tension seep out.

Summer is also a great time to up your health and fitness game by trying out a new regime. Yoga, pilates, personal training – try one or try them all!

Elsternwick Village is home to a range of health and fitness centres that will help you to get (and stay) active.

Enjoy the outdoors

Did you know that Elsternwick Village is home to one of Melbourne’s coolest outdoor events of the summer?

At the Classic Rooftop Cinema, movie-goers can catch new release films as well as retro classics, all while enjoying a glass of wine on balmy summer evenings.

For a great outdoor experience the whole family will love, pack a picnic filled with delightful treats from Elsternwick Village’s delis and fresh produce stores and head to the park at Elsternwick Plaza. You can also step back in time for an afternoon by exploring the lush grounds of the historic Rippon Lea Estate.

This year, everything you need to make your summer sparkle is right here in Elsternwick Village.

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