Things to do: How to enjoy summer in Elsternwick Village

Things to do: How to enjoy summer in Elsternwick Village

There are some essential boxes a location must tick before it qualifies for the title of ‘awesome summer spot’: great food, enticing bars, interesting activities, great health and fitness facilities.

Well, this summer you can keep your suitcase in your cupboard and passport in the drawer because Elsternwick Village ticks all these boxes – and many more.

So, get your friends and family together and enjoy summer in the best possible way, right here, in Elsternwick Village.

Get active

Summer is a great time to tap into that sense of adventure, take stock of your current workout regime, and try something new.

Elsternwick Village has a whole range of fitness and workout options to set your heart racing.

There’s that yoga class you’ve heard so much about, personal trainers that cater to your individual needs, and dance classes that will give you a cardio workout with a difference – the difference being it will put a smile on your face.

Oh yes, and Elsternwick Village is also home to good ol’ gyms too.

Explore a quirky bar

At the heart of Elsternwick’s reputation as a centre of style and cosmopolitan living, are its vibrant and quirky bars.

From the traditional vodka bar, to another decked out entirely in antique furniture and lounges, to outdoor drinking holes that specialise in craft beers, you’ll want to make a list and start working your way through them.

Try a new cuisine

Your feet may be planted firmly in Elsternwick Village, but your tastebuds have an around-the-world ticket!

Elsternwick Village restaurants serve up cuisine from every continent; authentic and mouth-watering meals created by its own multicultural community.

You might begin your culinary journey in a small region of Africa, and tomorrow enjoy the sounds and smells of a Tuscan village on a summer night.

The choice is yours and there is plenty to choose from.

Plan a local excursion

There’s no better way to discover a new side to your local area than to look at it through the eyes of a tourist, and Elsternwick Village’s attractions are on par with any international visitor hotspot.

Start by taking in a flick at the Classic Cinemas. Before you go, make sure you read all about the rich and dramatic history of this iconic movie theatre.

Considered to be one of the best holocaust memorials, the Jewish Holocaust Centre is staffed by local survivors. They take visitors through the artefacts and multimedia displays that pay tribute to those we lost, and remind us that we must never forget.

On those particularly lazy days of summer, pack a picnic or simply take a stroll through the grounds of Rippon Lea Estate. It’s not Downton Abbey, but it’s got the vibe, and is the perfect way to end a lazy summer day in Elsternwick Village.

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