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Sossy and Canvas

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Sossy and Canvas is an art studio and events gallery based in Elsternwick. 

Featuring the work of abstract artist Sossy Kinderman, the studio is home to a collection of impressive oil paintings and in person art workshops. Art lovers, students and collectors are invited to indulge their creative side through a fully immersive art experience at Sossy + Canvas.

Resident artist Sossy is an experienced painter with a bold and striking style developed after years of painting. Creating beautiful and deeply moving pieces that speak to her history and place in the world, Sossy’s work aims to connect with the viewer through their own lived experience and interpretation of her work.

While heavily influenced by abstract art and its ability to inspire curiosity and emotion through colour, form, texture and scale, Sossy still regularly applies representational reference points when painting her widely-loved Judaica art. Having picked up her first paintbrush at the age of four, Sossy has always understood the importance of art as a means of self expression both for the artist and those who enjoy it.

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Sossy and Canvas Picasso Artwork Workshop

Summer Holiday Kids Art Workshop - 2 Sessions for $99 (1.5 hrs per session)

Suggested ages: 7-12 years old.

Sessions will run on:
- Tue 19th + Wed 20th December @9:45am
- Tue 16th + Wed 17th January @9:45am
- Tue 23rd + Wed 24th January @9:45am

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