About the Elsternwick Village Committee

Elsternwick Mainstreet Committee

Each business owner agrees to work in conjunction with the Elsternwick Mainstreet Committee to align their business with the principles of the vision for the Elsternwick shopping strip.

To achieve this individual businesses agree to:

    • maintain a high standard of presentation in all aspects of the business including premises and staff
    • ensure the visual appearance of both the internal and external areas, including the footpath, reflects and attitude of pride in their business and in the community
    • create a welcoming and professional first impression for customers through ensuring spaces are kept clean and uncluttered
    • ensure that staff are well trained and provide excellent customer service at all times
    • use creative visual merchandising and displays to provide an interesting and vibrant environment for shoppers.

Our Vision

The Elsternwick Mainstreet Committee, working in conjunction with Glen Eira City Council, is responsible for the overall marketing of the Elsternwick shopping strip utilising funds provided via a special rate levy.

The Elsternwick Mainstreet Committee’s vision for Elsternwick is to:

Develop the Elsternwick shopping strip as the most prosperous and vibrant shopping precinct in the City of Glen Eira.

The vision is for a shopping strip that:

  • has a unique and distinctive sense of brand identity
  • is vibrant, prosperous, friendly and relaxed
  • maintains a strong heritage feel
  • has an interesting mix of shops
  • has a wide range of business and service providers
  • attracts and supports new businesses and appropriate development
  • has attractive public spaces and community facilities
  • has an active committee working for the interests of the shopping strip as a whole.

The Elsternwick Mainstreet Committee will support the vision by:

  • raising the profile of the businesses through interesting and innovative marketing activities
  • facilitating a safe and attractive environment within the shopping strip
  • creating specific events and promotions to stimulate trade and raise awareness
  • encouraging individual businesses to be creative with visual merchandising
  • stimulating business development by providing access to retail experts and professional speakers
  • fostering a sense of pride in all businesses to enhance the overall appearance of the shopping strip
  • providing networking and marketing opportunities for traders.