How to kick-start your new year goals in Elsternwick Village

How to kick-start your new year goals in Elsternwick Village

Even if we don’t write them down, most of us head into the new year with a list of New Year’s resolutions or goals we hope to achieve in the next 12 months – and a real commitment that this will be the year to reach them!

Fast forward to the end of the year. Some of those goals may have been achieved, others fallen by the wayside, for no reason other than obstacles that life throws in the way.

In Elsternwick Village, we’re supporting your New Year’s resolutions, with everything you need to get excited about them – and stick to them – all year long. Here’s how:

Focus on healthy eating

Good health and beauty radiate from within, and if either of those things are on your list of new year goals, you need to start with food.

For everyday delicious and healthy meals, get your fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables from Dirito’s Quality Fruits, and stock up on your organic essentials from Glo Health. Fill your cupboards with health foods, supplements and dietary-specific items from Perfect Pantry.

Too tired to cook? Ditch the junk food and choose one of Elsternwick Village’s great healthy takeaway joints.

Healthy Point is the place to go for salads, soups, spuds, juices and smoothies; Tommy Ruff Fish Bar is known for its fantastic grilled fish; Mama Falafel is a Kosher-certified falafel and salad bar; and Sushi Sushi has an extensive menu of healthy sushi and sashimi.

Find a new fitness routine

The one thing guaranteed to stop a fitness routing in its tracks is boredom – but there are so many fun and interesting ways to get fit in Elsternwick Village, boredom will never be an issue! All you need to do is make it a New Year’s resolution to try something new.

Take a Pilates class at S3 Pilates Studio and Osteopathy, or get into the latest fitness trend for increasing stamina and endurance at F45 Training. Get your pedal on in a spin class at 6 Degrees South Health and Fitness or get motivated at BFT Elsternwick with their circuit-style workouts in a dynamic group environment.

Too busy to hit the gym? No excuse! Zap Fitness is open 24-hours and it has a wide range of equipment waiting for you to try out.

Start a new hobby

The best way to lift yourself out of that rut, or just re-energise, get inspiration, and find that new lease on life is to try a new hobby. Elsternwick Village has everything you need to master a new skill, or just get more work-life balance, with a wide range of hobbies to dabble in.

Tap into your inner artist by taking a pottery class at Ceramiques, getting some friends together for a night of painting and wine at UpVibes Paint & Sip Studio, or indulging in a fully immersive art experience at Sossy and Canvas.

How about stepping back in time and learning the art of sewing at Sew This Pattern – it’s a hobby that will transform your wardrobe and save you money.

New experiences can sometimes be as simple as putting a new twist on an activity you already love. Instead of catching that new release at a tired and soulless shopping centre cinema, head to the iconic Classic Cinemas for a cinematic experience. Instead of grabbing a book from the new release section, go to Avenue Bookstore and browse all their categories – who knows what you’ll find?

Get organised for work or school

Who doesn’t have getting organised and streamlining the way we live on the top of every New Year’s resolutions list? This year, Elsternwick Village has everything you need to make it actually happen.

Start with cleaning up and decluttering. Have a chat with professional organisers Dr DeClutter and see how they can get you on the right track.

Next step is organisation. Get your home office or school desks in shape with folders, boxes, files and all your other work and study needs from Officeworks and Elsternwick Office Supplies & Tatts. 

Centre Com and MBE have all your computer hardware and printing needs sorted.

Everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are as unique as they are, but no matter what your goals look like, Elsternwick Village has everything you need to make wellness and success part of your life into the new year and beyond.

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