Think outside the box to treat Mum this Mother’s Day

Think outside the box to treat Mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day holds a special place in our hearts; it’s a much-loved day where we’re encouraged to really express our thanks for a lifetime of love and care.

This year, Mother’s Day will look a little different. Yet, did you know, lockdown and social distancing measures actually provide the opportunity to make this Mother’s Day even more special?

You see, this Mother’s Day, you not only have the chance to thank Mum, you can also save a community. By shopping from Elsternwick Village, you will help keep the family businesses of Elsternwick going.

Our amazing small business owners are working hard, delivering to your door or organising non-contact pick up.

So, here are some ideas for creating a memorable Mother’s Day, while staying at home.

Cook up a feast

Sure, Mum will say that all she wants for Mother’s Day is to spend time with her family. What she won’t say is that having a night off cooking would really be a treat!

You’re at home, so why not hit the kitchen and cook up a feast? Prepare Mum’s favourite meal, or try your hand at a more exotic dish or MasterChef-worthy dessert.

Whether it’s a simple backyard picnic, or an elaborate four-course meal in the dining room, you’ll find all your ingredients for a Mother’s Day feast at Elsternwick Village.

Elsternwick is home to a wide range of fresh food stores including specialty butchers, grocers, delis and food stores that offer delivery or pick up options, and Coles is continuing to supply the community with pantry staples, as well as international ingredients.

Have the feast delivered

Some of the city’s best restaurants are located right in the heart of Elsternwick Village – and yes, this Mother’s Day they’re delivering.

Spoil Mum with a sumptuous feast from her favourite cafe or restaurant, or take her on a culinary holiday to an exotic corner of the world. The most difficult part will be choosing the restaurant!

Arrange a flower or plant delivery

Whether it’s an elaborate bouquet of blooms, or the simple yet traditional offering of chrysanthemums, it wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without flowers. The good news is that nothing has changed!

Elsternwick Village’s Crabtree & Weeks is renowned for its beautiful plants and is taking orders for Mother’s Day deliveries, so make sure you get in quick.

Get creative with gift giving

Flowers are a given for Mother’s Day, but gift-wise you can be as creative as you like.

Books always make a great gift, as do homewares, and board games are a great way for families to stay connected. Art supplies guarantee hours of fun for mums and their kids and can produce gifts that are treasured for a lifetime. For more ideas, view these specialty and gift stores.

The most appreciated gifts for mothers who are elderly or self-isolating will be the technology and electronics that allow them to stay in touch with their families.

Elsternwick has always been defined by its community spirit and by shopping at Elsternwick Village this Mother’s Day we can all say thank you to our own mothers, as well as all the mothers in our community.

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