Where to buy the best homewares in Elsternwick Village

Homewares Elsternwick: Where to buy the best homewares in Elsternwick Village

If we’ve learned anything from spending so much time at home over the past few years, it’s that the spaces we live in make a big difference to our happiness and love of life.

While once we thought of homewares and home decorating as a simply filling our homes with pretty stuff, now we see it as functional art – a way of expressing our personalities; creating a comfortable and relaxing oasis that inspires and delights us every day.

Creating gorgeous interiors isn’t about hiring the latest ‘it’ decorator; it’s scouring homewares stores, thrift shops and niche homewares boutiques and discovering the perfect statement piece or building on a theme.

With so many homewares stores, Elsternwick Village is the perfect place to create your new interior.

Here’s a selection to choose from:

Dalgarno’s of Elsternwick

Dalgarno’s of Elsternwick is a local institution, which has been around for four generations. It’s the store where locals go for all their kitchen and dining needs, and homewares and decorating inspiration. This year, Dalgarno’s of Elsternwick marked 110 years in business.

Da Voluce Lighting

Da Voluce Lighting understands that the right lighting can completely transform a room. With lighting solutions from more than 30 different suppliers, the store offers everything from downlights to chandeliers and occasional floor lamps.

Four Corners Picture Framing

Four Corners Picture Framing in Elsternwick Village turns family snapshots, original pieces of art, and beloved maps and posters into decorating centrepieces. Their expert staff will help you choose the perfect frame for every piece.

Green Envy

Green Envy has all your indoor plant needs covered, no matter the shade of your green thumb. They include low maintenance plants, pet-friendly options, as well as rare and ornamental plants.

Linen House Outlet

Linen House Outlet’s range of bed linen and homewares is created by a team of in-house designers, who can help you curate a new look for your bedroom, loungeroom and living areas, all at a discounted price.

Perfect Gifts & Homewares

Perfect Gifts & Homewares is Elsternwick Village’s discount store where savvy home decorators head to for hidden gems, from quirky feature items to individual items to finish off a look.

Ruby’s Gifts

Ruby’s Gifts is the home of creative dining, whether you’re looking for an elegant tabletop for a special event or are just looking to inject some fresh style into your everyday dining. Featuring an eclectic range of bright, modern and retro pieces to create a chic and elegant table, as well as a wide range of Judaica products, creating the look is half the fun.

Op shops in Elsternwick Village

Elsternwick Village’s op shops are an absolute treasure-trove of home decorating items that have been beloved in the homes of other families, and can now be a part of yours. From vintage and retro-chic homewares and ornaments to hard-to-find cooking items, art and tableware, you get a lot of bang for your buck at local op shops.

Elsternwick Village is the destination for homewares

The key to finding the perfect homewares is to browse. Take the time to look around, become inspired, be led by your imagination.

With so many homewares stores in the one place, Elsternwick Village is the only shopping precinct you will need.

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