Shop stories: Explore Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie in Elsternwick Village

Shop stories: Explore Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie in Elsternwick Village

Walk into chef Liran Adika’s Elsternwick Village patisserie and the smell of freshly baked bread along with the array of colourful cakes and pastries is a warm welcome indeed.

Like most bakeries, it brings all of your senses to attention – and the critical differences between this patisserie and others are invisible.

That’s just how Mr Adika – the brainchild behind Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie – likes it.

“The wonderful aroma of bread, the beautiful variety of cakes, the freshness and the deliciousness are all right there,” he said.

“The fact that any product is gluten-free or vegan or dairy-free takes none of that away. Our vegan doughnuts, for example, are popular not only because they are vegan but because they taste great.”

Artisan baked goods for everyone

Mr Adika worked in Israel and New York before relocating to Australia, and recently worked at celebrity chef Shannon Bennett’s Vue de Monde.

Now, Mr Adika is creating artisan breads, desserts, cakes, and savoury bakes in the heart of Elsternwick Village.

All the products are free from gluten, dairy, and nuts and many are vegan, soy-free and low FODMAP.

“The thing about creating allergen-free foods is that it gets broader as you go,” Mr Adika said.

“When I created a good soy-free loaf, for example, I realised I can extend soy-free successfully to other products. And similarly, with creating vegan bread.”

Shop stories: Explore Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie in Elsternwick Village

Making gluten-free a delicious alternative

Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie opened in February 2020 and it is a testament to Mr Adika that he has come out the other side of COVID-19 lockdowns strong and with a loyal, fast-growing customer base.

“There was a gap in the market for good quality baked goods that were free from the causes of allergy,” Mr Adika said.

“Making something gluten-free or dairy-free is not enough – it has to be a quality, delicious alternative.”

And customers travel from as far south as Pakenham and from Werribee in the west to shop at Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie.

“Our range is large now, and we cater for so many allergy needs that people will come here to get the right product for them,” Mr Adika said.

To celebrate his first year in Elsternwick Village, Mr Adika launched his gluten-free high tea in the cafe, which includes quiches, pasties, scones, his famous krembo, mousse tarts, and more.

Innovation is the key ingredient

The pastry chef is also cognisant of the local community too and loves growing his business in Elsternwick Village.

“I live in Caulfield, so I know and love this area. We are in a busy area which is good for business. And also, as a kosher store, it is good to be near a large Jewish population,” he said.

Mr Adika honed his craft in leading restaurants and hotels around the world and he is far from finished extending his expertise.

His passion for fresh ingredients and sensational desserts and pastries means he is never content to stay still but is ever adding to his knowledge and repertoire.

“Innovation is central to who we are, and I am always learning and researching and trialling new creations,” Mr Adika said.

“You can’t stand still because there are always ways to bring the same quality to a ‘free from’ cake or loaf of bread. For example, we now have gluten-free choux pastry and puff pastry that is gluten-free and vegan.

“This is like a laboratory – constant research and trialling. We test everything five or six times.”

Shop stories: Explore Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie in Elsternwick Village

Excellence with a smile

There is a dual theme running through Mr Adika’s narrative: quality and service.

“Both are crucial,” he said.

“Customers return again and again because they get excellent service. That is very important to me. The staff are always presentable and friendly and the store, as you enter, is clean and inviting.

“First impressions are very important. You should feel welcome and know just by the look of the place that you are in a good store – the same way you would judge a hotel from the lobby as you walk in.”

And enduring quality is what Mr Adika wants Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie to be known for.

His continuing learning and product development is key, he said, to ensuring ongoing quality.

Shop stories: Explore Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie in Elsternwick Village

Visit the store

Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie

2/1-3 Carre St, Elsternwick

Phone: (03) 9533 0315

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