Shop stories: Explore Glo Health in Elsternwick Village

Shop stories: Explore Glo Health in Elsternwick Village

Adam Pincus’s dad was a pharmacist, so he grew up absorbing a great deal of information about health care and busy retail environments.

He took his love for it in a different direction from his father, however, choosing naturopathy rather than traditional pharmaceuticals.

Mr Pincus is now the proud owner of Glo Health in Elsternwick Village, fulfilling his long-held dream of combining professional knowledge and retail under one roof.

“I always loved the dynamic of retail and the face-to-face contact,” he said.

“When I became a naturopath, I enjoyed running my practice but felt I wanted more than just the one-on-one care.

“I wanted to be able to provide information, share knowledge on a broader basis.”

Advice, care, and products

Glo Health, which will celebrate 10 years of operation in May, has upwards of 200 people coming through each day seeking advice, products, information, and care.

“Over the years we have built up a loyal client base,” Mr Pincus said.

“They trust us enough to seek advice and ask questions if they want to.

“And on top of that, there is the retail element. We have about 6,000 products in stock.”

Glo Health is the all-in-one health store that Mr Pincus always intended. It is, as he said, his dream in action.

Glo Health stocks health, skin, beauty, and hair products, as well as organic groceries (including bread, fruit and veg, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, and Kosher products).

The store also has a team of naturopaths to offer advice and expertise, and in the upstairs clinic, there are eight practitioners.

Focus on advice and expertise

Mr Pincus believes the reason Glo Health attracts new and returning customers is because they trust the advice they receive, which comes from trained naturopaths. Their customers also love the range of food and products.

He describes Glo Health as “a destination of wellbeing” and says excellent customer service is the hallmark of his health store.

“There is a growing awareness of holistic health as people become disenchanted with orthodox offerings, but often people turn to Dr Google and they become confused or overwhelmed,” Mr Pincus said.

“We offer evidence-based advice from expert staff and build a rapport with customers who return again and again.”

An Elsternwick local

Mr Pincus, who lived around Elsternwick and Caulfield when he was young, loves the area.

“Elsternwick has a very broad demographic – a range of generations – and we see all of that represented in the store,” he said.

“Our shopping strip is a little bit away from the main retail area, but it is a vibrant strip.”

Mr Pincus and his staff have worked hard to make Glo Health the place he always hoped to create. He said the past 10 years have been very rewarding.

Creating happier customers

Five years ago, Glo Health doubled their space. Mr Pincus would love to grow the store further in the future.

“I love coming to work. It’s challenging but rewarding, and I’m always learning about business and tweaking to get things right,” he said.

The next exciting stage is the launch of Glo Health’s e-commerce store, which is on track to launch in April.

“It will be a great addition to what we already have to offer,” Mr Pincus said.

In essence, what Glo Health gives customers is not just products, but an understanding of them.

“Communication is our key and that gives people what they need to make an informed choice about their health and lifestyle. That, in turn, gives them ownership of the whole process,” he said.

“What we want is people to leave here happier and more satisfied than when they arrived.”

Shop stories: Explore Glo Health in Elsternwick Village

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Glo Health

358-360 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick

Phone: (03) 9523 7824

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