Shop stories: Explore Aviv Cakes & Bagels in Elsternwick Village

Shop stories: Explore Aviv Cakes & Bagels in Elsternwick Village

Having run one of Elsternwick’s favourite bakeries for more than three decades, Aviv Cakes & Bagels owner Herbert Portmann believes the recipe to success is quality and reliability.

The Portmann family took over the business in 1988, creating traditional Swiss and European pastries, cakes and baked goods in Elsternwick Village.

“We always make good quality and fresh products and that’s something I’m proud of,” Mr Portmann said.

“When people come here, they know they are going to get the same quality every time.”

Aviv bakes fresh goods daily with recipes that have been passed down for generations, reflecting the family’s heritage through cooking.

Born in Switzerland, Mr Portmann trained as a pastry chef in his home country before moving to Australia in 1983.

The bakery offers a mouth-watering range of continental cakes including Black Forest torte, kugelhopf and croquembouche, as well as delectable croissants, Danish pastries and other sweet baked treats.

Located in the heart of the Elsternwick Village shopping precinct, the bakery also makes savoury delicacies such as bagels, quiches, challah, boreka and pastries.

Catering for Jewish holidays

Located in the Jewish cultural hub of Elsternwick Village, Aviv makes traditional baked goods for all of the Jewish holidays.

“We have macarons, flourless biscuits and cakes for Passover, traditional donuts for Hanukkah and more, so whenever there is a Jewish festival, we have the products for it,” Mr Portmann said.

He said they produced and sold kosher-style products rather than strictly kosher items since the bakery is not under official kosher supervision.

However, he noted there were no meat products used on premises.

Shop stories: Explore Aviv Cakes & Bagels in Elsternwick Village
Shop stories: Explore Aviv Cakes & Bagels in Elsternwick Village

An Elsternwick Village favourite

After more than three decades on Glen Huntly Rd, Mr Portmann said the area had changed a lot over the years.

“Elsternwick has certainly changed. When we started there was nothing open on Sundays except for Aviv and the deli across the road,” he said.

The Portmanns have changed the bakery quite a bit during their ownership, moving the business next door into a bigger location and introducing plenty of European items such as quiches and continental cakes.

The owner said he enjoyed seeing his customers’ happy faces when they picked up their cakes and hearing how much they liked their baked treats.

“I still love making cakes and other items myself; that’s something I still love to do after all these years,” he said.

Visit the bakery

Aviv Cakes & Bagels

412 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick

Phone: (03) 9528 6627.

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