How to make the most of spring in Elsternwick Village

How to make the most of spring in Elsternwick Village

It’s those first warm rays of sun hitting our faces; it’s weekends filled with barbeques, racing carnivals and walks in blossom-filled parks. It’s spring!

Spring means renewal and reinvention. It’s about replacing heavy coats with colourful, seasonal new trends, and filling our living spaces with light and inspiring décor.

But most of all, it’s about getting together with friends and family and celebrating life.

And there’s no better location for your spring fling than Elsternwick Village.

Get Spring Racing Carnival-ready

Whether you’re a familiar face in the Birdcage, or more of a carpark picnic kind of punter, there’s one universal truth about Spring Racing Carnival: you need a new look – or five.

Elsternwick Village has all your Spring Racing Carnival fashion needs covered, with a huge range of frocks, hats and fascinators, as well as men’s suits and ties, for race-goers who want to make a statement or simply nail track-side chic.

Elsternwick Village’s fashion stores stock fabulous shoes that are also so kind to your feet, you won’t end up carrying them home at the end of the day.

Enjoy Elsternwick Village al fresco

In Spring, Elsternwick Village’s food scene really comes to life, with courtyards and sidewalk eateries bustling with laughter and the clinking of cutlery.

Reserve a spot at your favourite al fresco restaurant or cafe, or take a wander and let your senses decide.

And let’s not forget the food experience universally adored: heading out for ice cream or frozen treats.

Whether it’s granddad, who loves his soft serve; mum, who is crazing about her ‘fro-yo’; or kids who don’t care what flavour ice-cream sits in the cone as long as it’s dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles, there’s a frozen treat for everyone.

Spring cleaning

There’s something wonderful about clearing your house of unwanted or unused pieces of fashion, homewares and other clutter.

Spring cleaning can be exciting and empowering, especially if you adopt a ruthless, take-no-prisoners mentality – but that’s not the best part.

No, ‘out with the old’ is all very well, but it’s the ‘in with the new’ that’ll really make your eyes light up.

Redecorating is not about the size of your wallet, but the depth of your imagination, and Elsternwick Village has a range homewares stores that will help you formulate looks and themes, and truly spruce up your home.

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