Explore the best bakeries and cake shops in Elsternwick Village

Explore the best bakeries and cake shops in Elsternwick Village

Credit: To Be Frank Bakery.

In every city, there’s that one precinct known for its bakeries and cake shops. They’re streets with rich multicultural traditions, where family-run bakeries with their recipes passed down through generations, work alongside new and creative bakers, all sharing the same ethos: baking is everything.

In Melbourne, that precinct is Elsternwick Village. For generations, families have flocked to Elsternwick Village for its vibrant bakeries and cake shops.

Elsternwick Village not only offers the best cakes and bakery goods but also showcases the community’s dedication to quality, tradition, and culinary creativity.

Here’s our pick of the best.

Best bakeries in Elsternwick Village

Elsternwick Village’s bakeries serve up an eclectic and mouthwatering mix of baked goods for every taste and dietary requirement.

Bakers Delight

A staple for lovers of bread, cakes, and pastries, Bakers Delight has all the family favourites including custard rolls, sweet and savoury scrolls like apple and walnut, croissants, pizza, and an impressive selection of bread.

To Be Frank Bakery

It’s known for serving up authentic bread, free from improvers, preservatives, and artificial flavours, but To Be Frank Bakery also specialises in French pastries with a twist, offering a wide range including fruit Danishes and almond croissants. You absolutely have to try their signature Cruffin — a laminated croissant pastry shaped like a muffin!

Explore the best bakeries and cake shops in Elsternwick Village

To Be Frank Bakery in Elsternwick Village sells a range of baked goods.


A haven for bagel lovers, Bagelicious combines the simplicity of classic bagels with innovative flavours. They offer a range of sweet and savoury bagels, including delightful options like blueberry and strawberry cream cheese bagels, and indulgent Nutella bagels.

Bissel B

Bissel B brings a slice of New York to Elsternwick Village with its unique blend of New York bagels and Melbourne cafe culture. Their menu boasts delicious options like apple crumble bagels, made with apple compote, crumble topping, and cream cheese. Or go for the savoury options like The New Yorker, featuring buffalo mozzarella cheese, Napoli, pepperoni, fresh basil, and bechamel sauce.

Daniel’s Donuts

Donuts take centre stage at Daniel’s Donuts, where they are treated with the seriousness they deserve. With a variety of signature donuts, including Biscoff, choc hazelnut rocky road, and golden caramel custard, Daniel’s Donuts even offer gluten-free and vegan options.

Rustica Cafe Deli

Fancy baked goods with an exotic twist? Rustica Cafe Deli offers a range of sweet Middle Eastern pastries, as well as bagels, pizza rolls and other savoury pastries. They’re also the place to go to for a classic Italian panettone.

Explore the best bakeries and cake shops in Elsternwick Village

Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie is renowned for their range of gluten free, dairy free and nut free cakes.

Best cake shops in Elsternwick Village

Elsternwick Village is a treasure trove of delightful cake shops that are bursting with personality and mouth-watering sweet treats.

Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie

Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie specialises in creating cakes, slices, and artisan breads that are free from gluten, dairy, and nuts, and they also offer vegan options. Must-tries include the rich and fudgy vegan chocolate banana brownie, and the multi-layered lamington, featuring homemade strawberry pomegranate jam and vanilla layers coated with desiccated coconut.

Aviv Cakes & Bagels

Aviv Cakes & Bagels is renowned for its traditional European pastries and cakes, crafted from recipes passed down through generations. This bakery offers a tantalising range of continental cakes, including the classic Black Forest torte, kugelhopf, and the intricate croquembouche.

Explore the best bakeries and cake shops in Elsternwick Village

The delectable canele at Dawn Eatery.

Dawn Eatery

Dawn Eatery brings a unique fusion of flavours to Elsternwick Village by blending the traditional with inspirations from Japanese and Korean heritage – including cakes and pastries! Highlights include the delicate tiramisu and strawberry canele, as well as yuzu and hot cross bun madeleines.

Glo Health

Glo Health is not just a shop where you can buy cakes, it’s a holistic destination for organic groceries, produce, and health products. Glo Health offers a variety of packaged baked treats and cake mixes that align with their health-conscious philosophy. Treat yourself to their paleo cheesecake bites or low-FODMAP strawberry shortcakes, or recreate the magic at home with cake mixes and pancake mixes – there are lots of gluten free and diary free options, of course!

In Elsternwick Village, exploring cake shops and bakeries isn’t just about satisfying a craving. It’s a wander through history; a rich cultural experience that satisfies the soul as well as the taste buds.

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