Where to find the best sweet treats in Elsternwick Village

Elsternwick Village is home to some of the best bakeries and restaurants that serve up a range of sweet treats. Here's where to find them.

Anyone with a ‘sweet tooth’ will tell you that the happiness that comes from devouring a cake, slice or dessert goes way beyond a sugar hit.

Sweet treats are a celebration of all that’s good in the world; a reminder of the simple joys that make life worth living. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with others, these delectable confections have a way of brightening even the darkest of days, filling our hearts with happiness and our bellies with delight.

Elsternwick Village is home to some of the best bakeries and restaurants that know this, and they serve up a range of sweet treats for every taste and occasion. Here’s where to find them.

Cakes, slices and baked treats

Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie in Elsternwick Village creates cakes, slices, and artisan breads that are free from gluten, dairy, nuts, and also offer vegan options. Must-try cakes and slices include the vegan chocolate banana brownie, but you can’t go past their exquisite passionfruit infused with lemongrass mousse on dacquoise disk – it looks like a cake and tastes like heaven!

Aviv Cakes and Bagels is famous for its traditional European pastries and cakes, made using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

You would never know donuts were such serious business until you check out the selection at Daniel’s Donuts. They offer a range of signature donuts, footy themed donuts, and plenty of custard, mousse and jam-filled varieties. If you’ve got dietary requirements, look out for their gluten free and vegan donuts.

For those who like their sweet treats less sugary and more tasty check out To be Frank’s range of French baked pastries, with fruit and jam and other sweet delights added.

Where to find the best sweet treats in Elsternwick Village

Sweet treats at Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie.

Drinks, smoothies and bowls

Foodies know that iced tea is hot right now, and in Elsternwick Village Chatime is the place to get it. With their wide variety of fruity iced teas, milk teas, and frozen (ice blended) teas, with an assortment of toppings, you’ll be sure to find something to hit the spot.

Be Bowld is the place for your acai and smoothie bowl fix – and everything is vegan and kosher certified. For the sweetest of bowls, get the raspberry chia jam with house-made peanut butter.

Healthy Point has an exciting range of healthy smoothies that will satisfy every sweet tooth, including pina colada smoothies and the uber popular tiramisu smoothie.

If juices and kombucha is more to your taste, drop into Glo Health and choose from a mouth-watering selection of healthy juices.

Everyone knows that burger joints are where the best milkshakes are at, and in Elsternwick Village that’s Betty’s Burgers, where traditional thick shake flavours, including caramel and vanilla, rule.

Decadent desserts

If every good meal ends with an exquisite dessert, you’re spoiled for choice in Elsternwick Village.

Copycat offers elevated dining experiences and that doesn’t stop with dessert – you have to experience their famous burnt Basque cheesecake.

The cakes at Goat House are legendary – dip into the lemon meringue or flourless chocolate varieties and you won’t be disappointed.

Talk of the Town offers decadent Lebanese deserts including the Burma (pistachio with toasted pastry) and the Baluria (white pastry with pistachio and rose water), while Via Campanella has a selection of much-loved Italian desserts, including tiramisu and panna cotta.

Where to find the best sweet treats in Elsternwick Village

Luna Blu Gelato.

Ice cream

Nothing complements a weekend wander through the Elsternwick Village shopping precinct or an afternoon in the park like an ice cream.

Will’s Batch has an ever-changing range of ice creams (hint: check out the blackberry cheesecake), and Luna Blu Gelato has everyone’s favourite flavours, freshly churned in-house and produced with all-natural, locally sourced ingredients.

Sweet bagels

Bagels don’t have to be boring, and Elsternwick Village is home to some of the yummiest, sweetest bagels imaginable.

Blueberry and strawberry cream cheese, as well as sweet Nutella bagels are on the menu at Bagelicious. Or try the apple crumble bagels and crunchy peanut butter with home-made raspberry jam bagels served up at Bissel B – they’re not to be missed!

The next time you find yourself in need of a pick-me-up, why not indulge in a sweet treat from Elsternwick Village? After all, life is too short to deny yourself the simple pleasures of a well-deserved treat.

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