Elsternwick food: Guide to vegan and vegetarian food in Elsternwick Village

Elsternwick food: Guide to vegan and vegetarian food in Elsternwick Village

With more cafes and restaurants in Elsternwick Village offering vegan and vegetarian food options, there’s never been a better time to duck out to the precinct for a quick bite to eat.

From bagels to falafel, to vegetarian Singaporean cuisine, and even vegan ice cream, we’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to finding veggie options in Elsternwick Village.

Here are our picks of top Elsternwick food spots to grab a delicious veggie bite:


Home to the greatest round-holed carb, Bagelicious offers a mouth-watering range of vegetarian bagels. Keep it simple with classics like cream cheese or avocado mash, or spice it up with a hot halloumi filling — either way, you’ll walk away chuffed.

Glo Health

You’ll find an extensive range of vegetarian and vegan foods at Glo Health. Choose from their selection of organic fruit and vegetables, vegetarian grocery products, as well as their vegan-friendly dairy substitutes and chilled meal options.

Goat House Cafe Bar Restaurant

Serving both refreshing drinks and hunger-crushing food, Goat House caters to every palate. While not a dedicated vegetarian or vegan establishment, the restaurant does offer an exceptional range of vegetarian meals. For brekkie, dig into the halloumi fritters, or for a fuller meal, opt for the veggie burger or pumpkin and sage ravioli.

Healthy Point

Known across the Elsternwick food scene and beyond for its amazing salads, soups, and spuds, Healthy Point truly is a veggie lover’s dream. With hearty, affordable, and colourful meals, and no shortage of vegetarian options, this locale is quickly becoming an Elsternwick Village staple.

Luna Blu Gelato

After devouring some Elsternwick food up the road, it’s time for dessert! At Luna Blu, the gelato range uses all-natural, Victorian-sourced ingredients, with each flavour chock-full of seasonal fruits. With up to 16 flavours on display — many of which are vegan — you’ll be coming back for more in no time.

Mama Falafel

Home to a self-service falafel and salad bar, this Middle Eastern eatery is not only vegetarian, but it’s also 100% kosher. At Mama Falafel, you can choose from filling wraps, salads, pockets, or plates — whatever you do, make sure to taste the signature falafel!

Mothers Instinct

With a plethora of veggie options on the menu including omelettes, fritters, vegan bowls, and even cocktails, there’s something for everyone at Mothers Instinct. Besides the tasty food, this beloved joint also offers refreshing smoothies (including acai!) and nutritious freshly-squeezed juices.

Ren Dao Vegetarian

Renowned for its specialty vegan and vegetarian Singaporean cuisine, if you’re looking for Elsternwick food with an Asian twist, it’s hard to go past Ren Dao. The steamed veggie dumplings are a surefire hit no matter the occasion, while the entree platter is perfect for first-timers looking to sample the menu.

Talk of the Town Lebanese

An Elsternwick Village restaurant overflowing with unique flavours, Talk of the Town beckons guests with its enormous vegetarian platters. Whether you’re craving falafel, salads, dips and pita, stuffed capsicums, or cabbage rolls, this Lebanese locale’s menu has got you covered.

Find vegan and vegetarian food options in Elsternwick Village

As Elsternwick Village becomes a more popular food destination with every passing day, the local restaurants and cafes are delivering delectable veggie dishes in spades.

So, there you have it, folks: a complete guide to the vegan and vegetarian Elsternwick food options. Now, who’s hungry?

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