3 ways to enjoy Father’s Day 2018 in Elsternwick Village

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3 ways to enjoy Father’s Day 2018 in Elsternwick Village

It’s the annual Father’s Day dilemma: how do you show your dad how much you love him when he insists he “doesn’t want anything fancy” and certainly “doesn’t want you to go to any trouble”?

Well, did you know that giving Dad a happy Father’s Day doesn’t have to involve elaborate planning or grand gestures?

When it comes to Father’s Day, something simple is often the most meaningful – and Elsternwick Village is packed with stores and experiences to make your dad’s day memorable.

Here are three ways to enjoy Father’s Day (Sunday, September 2) in Elsternwick Village:

1. Enjoy a family lunch at a restaurant or cafe

When was the last time your family came together for a meal?

Getting the whole brood together to celebrate Dad over a meal ticks all the Father’s Day boxes: Dad getting to spend time with his loved ones and enjoying some food.

Choose your dad’s favourite cafe or a restaurant you know he has wanted to try but has never got around to visiting.

As an added present, get everyone to put their phones in a box at the end of the table, not to be touched until the end of the meal – it’s a lovely way to show Dad how interested you are in spending quality time with him.

Helpful hint: Father’s Day is a popular day for restaurants and cafes so book early to avoid missing out.

2. Treat dad to a visit to a barber

A trip to the barber shop is the male equivalent of a morning at a glamorous day spa.

Reclining in an old-school barber’s chair, it’s the one place where a man can be pampered and preened, in the most masculine of ways.

It’s a well-known fact amongst blokes that barbers do the best men’s haircuts because that’s all they do.

They execute the short back and sides with the skill and precision that only comes with doing 30 a day.

If you choose a barber that still does the single blade shave, Dad is in for a real treat.

There is no shave closer or more precise, and finishing off with a hot towel treatment is true bliss for blokes.

See the full list of barbers in Elsternwick Village here.

3. Pick out a new piece of menswear for Dad

While socks and jocks have traditionally been a Father’s Day staple, if you really want to spoil Dad why not do him a fashion favour and take him shopping for some more threads?

It’s one of life’s truths that, at a certain age, dads tend to freeze their fashion sense – they find a look and stick with it.

You know, the same jeans, the same polo shirts. Father’s Day is a great excuse to give Dad a makeover.

Build a new look, sample some new styles – or at least have a fun afternoon together trying.

Pop into one of these menswear stores in Elsternwick Village to treat Dad.

Elsternwick Village Father's Day 2018 gift guide

Need other gift ideas for Father’s Day?

Get something a little more special than the classic socks and jocks gift and treat your dad this year.

Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas available from Elsternwick Village:

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