Get everything you need for Halloween in Elsternwick Village

Get everything you need for Halloween in Elsternwick Village

Has a black cat crossed your path recently? Or have you heard the cackle of a witch on the wind? Or perhaps you’ve suddenly got the urge to play Thriller on repeat?

It’s nearly that time of year when the ghosts and ghouls come out to play.

When darkness falls on Halloween, don’t get caught out without a costume or a stash of sweets for those trick or treaters – or you could be left howling at the moon.

No matter how you plan to celebrate all things Halloween, you can have a ghastly good time with the help of the local traders at Elsternwick Village.

Devilish dress-ups

Movies and celebrity Instagram accounts would lead you to believe that you have to spend big on an elaborate costume for Halloween. But there’s no need to break the bank.

A bit of creativity and craftiness can go a long way: slap on some white face paint, black eye liner and some fangs and you’re a blood-thirsty vampire. Prefer the Twilight look? Just grab some glitter. Got a black suit and sunnies? You’re an MiB agent. Pair a pink singlet with a white tutu you found at an op shop and voila, you’re Carrie Bradshaw.

If you prefer someone else does the hard work for you, then pick up an eerie ensemble from Party Bazaar or a creepy costume for the kids from Toy World.

Creepy crafts

What better way to keep the kids busy than to put them to work turning your home into a haunted house?  All you need are some everyday arts and crafts supplies from Hot Potatoes Super $2 Shop and Officeworks.

Mummify your front door with some white streamers, trace a skeleton on some poster board and hang it in the window, or use Blu Tack to cover your walls with creepy crawly cut-outs.

If you can’t get a hold of a carving pumpkin, then use paper lanterns or balloons to make your own jack-o-lanterns.

Tune in some scary music via a Bluetooth speaker and you’re ready to do the Monster Mash.

Get everything you need for Halloween in Elsternwick Village

Bloody bake-off

Usually we eat with our eyes, but at this time of year the bigger the gross-out factor, the better.

There are so many sweet and scary treats you can whip up to put a spell on your loved ones, from marshmallow heads to bloody candy apples, black cat doughnuts, coffin cake and candy cobwebs.

Or host a boo-tiful bake-off with your friends via Zoom to see who can make the creepiest confectionaries.

Slash through your shopping list at Elsternwick Village’s supermarkets and fresh food stores.

Eerie eats

No fright night feast would be complete without a devilishly good menu.

Delight tastebuds with jack-o-lantern party pies, pumpkin devilled eggs, mummy jalapeno poppers, Frankenstein monster wraps, breadstick fingers and a witch’s brew (alcohol optional) to wash it all down.

And why not gross out your guests with a blindfolded ‘what’s in the bowl’ challenge? Peeled grapes make great eyeballs, spaghetti is a stand-in for brains, and mini linked sausages are bang-on for bowels.

Stock up on supplies at a butcher, bakery and fresh food stores at Elsternwick Village.

Whether you plan to host your own spooktacular soiree or stay in with the family and stream your favourite scary movies, you can get everything you need for a happy Halloween at Elsternwick Village.

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