How to make the most of Halloween in Elsternwick Village

How to make the most of Halloween in Elsternwick Village

It’s the time of the year when our thoughts turn to the magical and macabre; when garden gnomes are replaced by tombstones and skeletons become our home decor must-have; and when the most fabulous fashion accessories include blood stains and bolts fixed to our necks.

You don’t have to be a kid to get a thrill out of Halloween; it’s a great time to let your hair down and having fun in your neighborhood is the number one squad ghoul.

Winning Halloween doesn’t have to be witchful thinking – Elsternwick Village has everything you need to trick or treat yourself to a devilishly happy Halloween.

Creepy costumes

Dressing up to go out takes a terrifying turn on Halloween, with looking your absolute worst being the aim – and by worst we mean dead or close to it.

The best Halloween costumes are achieved by getting into character – and then slashing it. You might be the bloodstained ballroom dancer exacting revenge on the partner who replaced her; the WW1 soldier crawled out of the bombed foxhole; the discarded ragdoll unable to forgive the child who grew up (and who came to life – with Halloween you can take some story-telling license!).

Start creating your creepy character with a visit to Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop, the Australian Red Cross shop, and Salvos Stores, all of which stock a great range of era-specific clothes, and at a price you won’t mind ripping them to shreds for.

If your children prefer to hit the trick-or-treating traps wearing a tutu and unicorn on their face or a ghostly white spirit or green-faced zombie, you’ll need face paint from Hot Potatoes Super $2 Shop.

If the only effort you want to put into your costume is getting dressed and receiving happy Halloween accolades, head into Party Bazaar for their excellent range of Halloween costumes.

Thrilling treats

Nothing says Halloween like snacking on yummies that look like something that would normally make your stomach churn.

Graveyard cupcakes with biscuit tombstones, vomit custard, marshmallow mummies and ghostly s’mores are all crowd pleasers, but you can really turn their stomachs with jelly worms, severed finger sausages, or meringues shaped like little brains.

Why not do your own Bloodthirsty Bake Off, and challenge your friends to compete for the most horrifying Halloween treats?

Everything you’ll need to bake and cook your way through Halloween can be found at Elsternwick Village’s Coles supermarket, where you’ll also pick up all your trick or treating supplies.

Haunting creations

Whether your aim is to transform your house into the haunted variety, a crime scene, or simply a hangout for ghoulish get togethers, Halloween presents wonderful opportunities to get creative and crafty.

Black wool can be fashioned into cobwebs, pipe cleaners into spiders, or grab some foam balls and a bit of paint and voila, you have a plate of eyeballs.

Cut out cardboard to make silhouettes of a dreadful scenes for the windows and papier-mache is great for all sorts of Halloween props including tombstones and severed body parts for the front yard.

Everything arts and crafts can be found at Elsternwick Village at Hot Potatoes Super $2 Shop and Officeworks.

Fang-tastic food

Whether you’re staying in for a horror movie marathon or having family and friends over for a fiendish feast, Elsternwick Village has all your fresh meat, fruit and deli goods organised.

The most basic of meat dishes can be Halloween themed: linked sausages become intestines, and chops and steaks covered in tomato sauce signal the serving of something sinister, and pasties and wraps can be fashioned into all sorts of monsters and mummies.

What’s a party without a witches’ brew? Bring out your punch bowl and throw in all your favourite (alcoholic or non) thirst quenches.

Fly your broomstick into Peter Da Silva Poultry and Selected Meats for all your barbeque needs, then head to Dirito’s Quality Fruits and Hunter & Co Deli for everything you need to create a grisly grazing board.

Whether you’re planning to be the ghostess with the mostest at home, or aiming for most horrifying home in the street, you can get everything you need for a happy Halloween at Elsternwick Village.

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