How to make the most of Halloween in Elsternwick Village

How to make the most of Halloween in Elsternwick Village

Whether your idea of a happy Halloween is pulling linked sausages out of the stomach of your partner, who is holding their severed head in one hand and snacking on candy fashioned as maggots with the other; or if your little monsters prefer a more mystical and magical Halloween at home, now is the time to start planning.

You’re going to need spooky costumes, hair-raising props (think: fake tattoo scars, wands, fake severed fingers), creepy cuisine, materials for your home’s transformation (gulp!), and if the delivery man isn’t tripping over tombstones in your front yard, can you even call it Halloween?

Elsternwick Village has everything you need to creep it real this Halloween, with Halloween essentials that will really lift your spirits!

Deadly dress-ups

The most gloriously ghoulish Halloween costumes are the ones that aren’t really costumes at all – they’re just clothes worn by people who have suffered some kind of misadventure or are inflicted with psychopathic tendencies.

You know, the prom queen turned psycho killer; the serial killer dentist; the angry bride out for revenge; the butcher with a penchant for the other white meat – human flesh…

In Elsternwick Village you can pick up inexpensive clothing at thrift stores, and then slash away!

You’ll also need to stock up on props, specifically knives, scissors, screwdrivers or anything that can conceivably be used to kill or dismember, and red paint – lots of red paint.

Pick up your supplies at Hot Potatoes Super $2 Shop and Perfect Gifts and Homewares.

For those who prefer the magical to the macabre, Toyworld and Party Bazaar have a range of costumes and face paint for all the pretty little fairies and nasty ninjas.

Blood-curdling baking

Halloween is the one night of the year when “Ewww, that’s disgusting!” is actually the best reaction you can get to your cooking.

But how low can you go? Challenge accepted.

Pop cakes fashioned into eyeballs, marshmallow mummies, spider cupcakes, severed toe pastries – whatever you decide to create, you can pick up all your Halloween baking and cake decorating needs at supermarkets and fresh food stores in Elsternwick Village.

How to make the most of Halloween in Elsternwick Village

Chilling crafts

First, you need to decide if your house will become a haunted mansion, or crime scene, or both! Then it’s time to go batty with crafts.

Webs made from wool create homes to pipe cleaner spiders; old sheets transform into ghosts that haunt the halls; cardboard cut-outs in the window suggest a chilling crime about to be committed, and papier mache body parts on the front lawn are basically a given.

You’re going to need to stock up on craft supplies from Elsternwick Village, so make sure Officeworks and Party Bazaar is on your list, and don’t forget toilet paper for your Mummy of the Year.

Frightful food

Halloween is a great time to get together with those dear to your heart – and totally gross them out.

This Halloween, be the Ghostess with the Mostest and plan a frightfully delicious feast at home, whether it’s a barbeque in the backyard or a home-cooked favourite enjoyed at the dinner table while discussing which Halloween movie to watch.

Stop in at a fresh food store for seasonal produce, a butcher for your meats, and desserts and treats from a local bakery.

With a little planning and prep, backed by the local traders at Elsternwick Village, Halloween 2020 is set to be the spookiest on record.

Remember, if you’ve got it, haunt it.

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