Must-have items to spruce up your home

Must-have items to spruce up your home

This season is the perfect time to give your home a mini-makeover and those in the interior decorating know have Elsternwick firmly on their radar.

Elsternwick Village has cemented its reputation as one Melbourne’s premier precincts for home decorating, with stores that satisfy and inspire anyone looking to give a room a little pick-me-up.

Whether you’re looking to make your lounge feel more cosy, decorate your home office, or brighten up the kitchen with new utensils, you’ll be sure to find everything you need in Elsternwick Village.

Break out of your current rut and spruce up your interiors with these styling essentials that may be small but really pack a punch.

Indoor plants and flowers

There’s no better way to add life to a room than to actually add life to a room.

If you’re looking to brighten up a table top, desk top or bookshelf, visit Green Envy for the perfect indoor plants. If you’re after a pretty bouquet of flowers, Shady Hill Luxury Flowers has a great selection of blooms.

Tableware and crockery

A change of tableware can really lift a room.

This season, shelve the perfect white, and pick up some unique and interesting plates, cutlery and tableware from the huge selection at Dalgarno’s of Elsternwick.

Allow enough time to browse and who knows what treasures you might happen upon?


Candles create warmth, ambiance, and romantic light.

But don’t limit yourself to choosing candles for their visual appeal alone – collect a selection of exotically fragranced candles from Ruby’s Gifts, and design your room’s mood as well.

Striking artwork

Bold or new artwork can change the entire personality of a room, and become a talking point for dinner parties and get-togethers.

Spend some time wandering around 4 Corners Picture Framing.

Get to know the pieces; see what moves you, what inspires you; then make its new home your home.


There’s no better way to set the mood of a room than with lighting. It is one of the best ways to subtly yet effectively create ambience in the home.

Choose from overhead LED lights, chandeliers and accent lights to brighten a room or go for a softer touch with floor or table lamps. You’ll find a stunning selection of lights to suit your home at Da Voluce Lighting Studio.

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