Shop stories: Explore UBX in Elsternwick Village

Shop stories: Explore UBX in Elsternwick Village

A circuit-based training studio with a focus on boxing is captivating those seeking a workout that is both dynamic and challenging.

UBX in Elsternwick Village offers its members the chance to train via 12 circuit stations that incorporate boxing and strength training in a 45-minute session.

Club owner Michael Wabinski said UBX provides a full-body workout combining a variety of exercises using equipment such as boxing bags, barbells, kettlebells, a rowing machine, a bike, a ski machine and more.

“It’s that comfortable boutique training experience, with a boxing element, but the rest of the workout is still high-intensity and has strength work. There is definitely that strength element to the workouts, which is important for people to get results,” he said.

“There’s a different workout every day, so there’s no fear of it getting boring.”

The majority of UBX’s members have never boxed before, showing just how accessible the workouts are for everyday people.

“Anyone can try it. Everybody knows that boxing is good for fitness, and we want to get through the message that we’re not an intimidating boxing gym,” Mr Wabinski said.

The training studio originally opened in Elsternwick Village in June 2019. Previously named 12RND, the business rebranded to UBX (pronounced you-box) earlier this year as part of a global expansion.

While the name of the business has changed, nothing else has. Members can still expect the same great workout and friendly environment, Mr Wabinski said.

No set class times offers ultimate flexibility

One of the most unique aspects about UBX is that the training studio does not run set class times. Members can simply turn up during open hours and join the circuit at their convenience.

How does this work?

“Each [circuit] round runs for three minutes, with a 30-second rest. There is one central timer, so as soon as we open, we start that timer and that just runs. Members can come in, do a warm-up, and jump into the circuit when that timer is about to start another three-minute round,” said Mr Wabinski.

“It’s super convenient. You’re never late, and it doesn’t matter when and where you start. You just jump in when you’re ready.”

Shop stories: Explore UBX in Elsternwick Village
Shop stories: Explore UBX in Elsternwick Village
Shop stories: Explore UBX in Elsternwick Village

A trainer-led, supportive workout space

The circuit sessions at UBX are led by qualified trainers who are there to support and encourage their members.

The trainers develop the daily workouts, help members to modify exercises according to their needs, and they jump in for the one-on-one boxing pad workout.

“Most of our members have not boxed before so it’s really hard to just hit a bag and learn, but when you’ve got a coach there on the opposite side with the pads up, you can teach them a lot better and it’s a lot safer. Members can also progress better with that support,” said Mr Wabinski.

The other benefit to no set class times is that the studio generally doesn’t have 20 or 30 people turning up all at once.

“Because our members are always coming in individually, and in a staggered fashion, we get to build up that relationship with them much quicker so that personal element is much higher. We get to know our members really well, so from a service point of view, I think that is hard to match. And that’s very important for a small, community gym.”

Members can ‘feel like they’re part of something’

For members of UBX, Mr Wabinski hopes they build their fitness skillset and feel like they are part of a meaningful community.

“That skill development in boxing can be quite rewarding… you really have that sense of accomplishment by learning the skill of boxing. One example is the speedball – people think they’re never going to get that and all of a sudden, a few sessions later, they’re making all this noise hitting the speedball,” he said.

Mr Wabinki said UBX is not focused on aesthetics, and instead wants their members to concentrate on the practical aspects of the workout, as well as the friendly environment.

“The small group training element makes people feel like they’re part of something. It’s about that community and personal fulfilment,” he said.

“And we want people to enjoy what they do. I’ve always been about doing what you love. So, find what you like and be consistent with it.”

Shop stories: Explore UBX in Elsternwick Village

L-R: Club owner Michael Wabinski with a client at the UBX studio in Elsternwick Village.

Visit the studio


486 Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick

Phone: 0438 100 003

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