Shop stories: Explore Posh Opp Shoppe in Elsternwick Village

Explore Posh Opp Shoppe in Elsternwick Village

Almost 26 years ago, Rosalie Silverstein had the idea of opening a shop to raise money for Jewish children in need of extra care.

Within three weeks – thanks in part to some money left by an elderly man who had no family – premises were found and the first Posh Opp Shoppe was born.

Decades on it has grown into a much-loved bustling business including the store on the corner of Glen Huntly and Grange roads in Elsternwick.

“On the first day of our first shop, we made $2,500,” Ms Silverstein said.

“So many people donated items and we filled the shop. Many people volunteered to help – many of them stayed and some are still with us.”

A lot has changed over the years, not least the growing popularity of op shopping.

“There has been a tremendous surge,” Ms Silverstein said.

“We get about 250 people on a Saturday and about 130 people during the week. People feel comfortable buying pre-loved things now and many people need shops like this to afford the things they need.

“Many people don’t have as much disposable income as they used to so we try to keep our prices low.”

Funding vital education support

The Posh Opp Shoppe does so much more than meet the needs of those with less to spend. It also raises money to support the Jewish Children’s Aid Society (JCAS) which helps children living with serious physical, intellectual and/or emotional disabilities attend Jewish Day schools.

“When I first started we were able to fund 35 children. Now it’s about 260 children,” Ms Silverstein said.

The money is used to support the children by funding classroom assistants. Information is received from schools about the learning needs and additional support needed to enable each child to participate in classroom activities according to their abilities.

Ms Silverstein believes “every child is entitled to appropriate assistance to receive a proper education”.

The passion and energy of Ms Silverstein and her team of dedicated volunteers ensures ongoing fundraising for the JCAS cause.

The Posh Opp Shoppe is an embedded part of the Elsternwick Village community now and the shoppers, staff and volunteers are a big family.

“This is a big business and it’s hard work but we are all still passionate about what we are doing,” Ms Silverstein said.

“As volunteers here – and everyone volunteers for their own reasons – we get something back from doing this.”

The store has a huge selection of pre-loved items from designer labels to furniture, clothes, jewellery, manchester, art, kitchenware, crockery, curiosities, and everything in between.

Explore Posh Opp Shoppe in Elsternwick Village
Explore Posh Opp Shoppe in Elsternwick Village

An experience full of heart

The Posh Opp Shoppe even enjoys a regular piano player, Baza.

Baza used to sleep rough and came to the Posh Opp Shoppe one day looking for records.

“He saw the piano and just started playing. It was wonderful,” Ms Silverstein said.

They helped find Baza accommodation and he comes to the store on Saturdays to play the piano.

Shopping at the Posh Opp Shoppe is an experience full of heart. It embodies sustainability, affordability and the chance to contribute to an integrated, fuller education to children living with disability.

“It is a wonderful place,” Ms Silverstein said.

Her energetic captaincy of the Posh Opp Shoppe’s hard-working team shows no sign of slowing.

“I love the shop and am passionate about what we do here,” she said.

And, if you’re curious, the store’s delightful name came from an old friend.

“Betty Warner thought of the name and it is just prefect,” Ms Silverstein said.

Explore Posh Opp Shoppe in Elsternwick Village

Visit the store

Posh Opp Shoppe

484 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick

Phone: (03) 9528 1777

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