Here’s where you can de-stress with a relaxing massage in Elsternwick Village

Here’s where you can de-stress with a relaxing massage in Elsternwick Village

Let’s face it, life can get stressful, and one of the best ways to relax and unwind when work and other responsibilities are getting too much is with a soothing massage.

Or perhaps you have an injury? Sports massage, deep tissue massage and reflexology are great ways to relieve pain and recover when you’ve pushed yourself too hard.

Elsternwick Village has a number of great places to get a massage, so you don’t need to journey far (or lose all the work of your masseuse with a long drive home).

Take your pick from one of following massage spots in Elsternwick Village:

The Reflexology Studio

As the name suggests, the type of massage you’ll experience at The Reflexology Studio is of the foot variety.

Using pressure points to correspond with the health of vital organs, reflexology will reset and rebalance your stress levels.

The treatment is great for releasing muscle tension, lowering blood pressure and reducing pain.

Reflexology is also used to treat injuries and sports-related pain, and improve muscle recovery time.

The studio also offers full-body massages, pregnancy reflexology and pre-conception reflexology.

Remedy Bar

When it comes to rejuvenating treatments, Remedy Bar does them well.

Try their relaxation massage – it helps to release pressures in your body through uplifting and invigorating massage techniques. Upgrade the massage to include a facial for a truly indulgent treatment.

Remedy Bar also offers luxurious body treatments including wraps and scrubs, as well as reiki.

Takagi Massage

Takagi Massage specialises in gentle relaxation massage, so is ideal if you’re in need of a soothing and restful treatment.

The massage studio is set in a serene and luxurious atmosphere, allowing you to truly relax and de-stress.

Foot massages are also on offer.

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