A guide to kosher and Jewish food stores in Elsternwick Village

A guide to kosher and Jewish food stores in Elsternwick Village

The food we consume doesn’t just fuel our body; it nourishes our soul.

For the Jewish community, food traditions and recipes are steeped in religious significance, with many dating back to the exile from Egypt.

Food tells the story of who we are and where we’ve come from; its links to Jewish identity is deep and inextricable.

It’s hardly surprising that Elsternwick Village, with its large and vibrant Jewish community, is home to an extensive range of Jewish food stores and kosher food stores.

Here’s where you can find the best:

Bread and baked goods

Challah, the most iconically Jewish bread, dates back centuries and is a staple of many Jewish families, but there are many breads and baked goods that have over time become part of the Jewish tradition.

Matzo, unleavened bread, dates back to ancient Egypt and is still a popular Jewish food today, while bagels, favoured by Jewish families of New York are equally loved by the Jewish community in Elsternwick Village, and every variety imaginable can be found at Bagelicious.

Aviv Cakes & Bagels has all the baked goods to keep a sweet tooth satisfied, including chocolate raisin babka and rugelach, while Glazed Gluten Free Patisserie has all the Jewish favourites baked for those with specific dietary requirements.

Meat and fish

Some of our favourite Jewish dishes are made from meat or fish, including chopped meat and essig-fleisch, and who can go past Knish, a snack food consisting of a meat or potato filling covered with dough that is either baked or grilled.

Coles Supermarket in Elsternwick sells the biggest range of kosher foods in the country including kosher chicken, and kosher deli food, as well as a range of hot fleishig ready-to-eat meals.

Kosher Kingdom also stocks a huge range of kosher meat and fish products, as well as everything you need to prepare them.

Kosher and Jewish groceries

Kosher Kingdom and Coles are obvious stops for all your kosher food cooking needs (Coles even has its own dedicated kosher aisle!), but there are several other stores in Elsternwick Village that stock ingredients that make up our favourite Jewish foods.

Diritos Quality Fruits is popular amongst the Jewish community for its fresh fruits and vegetables; Glo Health is the place to go for organic produce; and Perfect Pantry is where the Jewish community goes for all its health food needs.

For wine, you can find kosher options available at Kosher Kingdom. Enquire about kosher wines at Bottlemart and Liquoriver.

Kosher and Jewish eateries

Of course, sometimes the best meal is one that’s cooked by someone else, and Elsternwick Village is home to some fabulous restaurants that cater to the Jewish palate and religious requirements.

For casual dining or takeaway, you can’t go past Mama Falafel, a 100 per cent kosher certified, self-service falafel and salad bar.

For something a little fancier, try Budapest Hungarian Restaurant and Palinka Bar. While not strictly kosher, its menu features many favourite European Jewish dishes and they cater for specific Jewish holidays such as Passover.

Whether you enjoy Jewish foods or observe tradition with kosher food requirements, Elsternwick Village has all your cooking and dining needs.

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