Elsternwick businesses achieve success in plastic free trial

Elsternwick businesses achieve success in plastic free trial

A group of Elsternwick Village businesses eliminated more than 25,000 pieces of single-use plastic over six months, as part of a plastic free trial program.

Eighteen local businesses in Elsternwick took part in the plastic free trial in a bid to reduce single-use plastics such as coffee cups, takeaway containers, and straws.

Four businesses eliminated all single-use plastic packaging, while most businesses cut at least one type of plastic.

The plastic free trial, which ran from October 2019 to March this year, encouraged local traders to replace single-use plastic items with reusable and compostable alternatives.

Numerous businesses switched to compostable alternatives and urged their customers to cut back on using disposable items, while others signed up to ‘swap and go’ cup and container network, Returnr.

Businesses also cut back on plastic water bottles, cutlery, plates, cups, lids, and plastic bags.

Glen Eira City Council engaged the Boomerang Alliance to conduct the trial to help the council better understand how they could continue to support local businesses transition in the future.

“At Wishbone we believe that moving toward a sustainable future is the key not only to success but also to the wellbeing of ourselves, our customers and our planet,” said Georgia Morrell, owner of Wishbone.

“We are so grateful to have been a part of this incredible opportunity that has guided us in a positive direction towards sustainability and embracing all the resources that are available to make this goal a reality.”

Elsternwick businesses achieve success in plastic free trial

Image credit: Glen Eira City Council.

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