Your guide to getting sorted for Easter in Elsternwick Village

Your guide to getting sorted for Easter in Elsternwick Village

Easter is almost here and a little planning will help make its arrival more enjoyable.

Whether you search for eggs in your pyjamas with the kids, cook up a fabulous family feast, or catch up for a lunch with friends, make Easter a pleasant occasion with a little forethought.

To make it easy, we’ve got the critical things covered – all you have to do is hit the Elsternwick Village shops.

Here are the central ingredients of a sensational Easter:

Fresh produce

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a must at Easter time.

There is so much in season at this time of year – avocados, passion fruit, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, to name just a few.

Have a look at the weather forecast. If it’s going to be warm, you can’t go wrong with some seasonal salads or zesty, fruit-based desserts.

Find fresh fruit and vegetables at Dirito’s Quality Fruits, The Fruit Shop, and Coles Express.

Meat and fish

From fish to lamb and all the meats in between, Elsternwick Village can get you sorted for your Easter feasting.

Easter is a busy time for the seafood industry, with Good Friday traditionally a day where observers abstain from meat.

So, get some fresh fish on your menu – salmon, snapper and blue grenadier all feature as favourites on Good Friday and Easter Sunday tables.

Find meat and fish at Kosher Kingdom, Hunter & Co Deli, Coles Express, Trialto Meats, 48H Pizza e Gnocchi Bar or pop over to one of our fish and chip shops, Seafood World Fish & Chips and Tommy Ruff Fish Bar.

Baked goods

At Easter time, there has to be hot cross buns, bagels, fresh bread and, of course, cakes and buns.

Whether that delicious smell is wafting from your oven or from the local bakery, it signals the arrival of Easter.

If you plan to bake for the weekend, shop early for your ingredients and get the baking done beforehand.

Otherwise, head to the bakeries of Elsternwick, which are sure to be packed full of all the delights you’ll want.

Find baked goods at Aviv Cakes & Bagels, Bagelicious, Bakers Delight, Cocorico Bakery, Frank’s Elsternwick Bakery, Olia Bakery, and Savion Cakes & Bagels.


It’s the season for a sugar rush – that means chocolate, more chocolate and lollies.

Easter eggs are typically enjoyed at this time of year and come in many sizes, flavours, fillings and types of chocolate.

But don’t forget the many other sweet treats to surprise and delight family and guests – there’s everything including assorted sweets, liquorice, rocky road, hard-boiled lollies, gummies, fudge and more.

Find confectionery at Coles Express.

Party supplies

If you are hosting an Easter party or attending an event, you may need to get a few supplies to make the occasion feel festive.

You’ll find everything you need in Elsternwick Village, from balloons to candles, crafts, decorations, gift wrapping, streamers, napkins and more.

Find party supplies at Party Bazaar, Perfect Gifts & Homewares, Hot Potatoes Super $2 Shop and Hot Potatoes Mostly $2 Shop.


Whether it’s fun time with the kids or you need to make decorative items for the table or house, Easter is a great time to be creative.

From making Easter-themed bonnets to origami bunnies, cotton wool bunny cards, traditional Easter egg dying or baking salt dough eggs to paint and hang, there are plenty of ways to get crafty this Easter.

Find craft items at Officeworks, Hot Potatoes Mostly $2 Shop, Hot Potatoes Super $2 Shop, Australia Post and Mr Pickwick’s Newsagency.


Preparing the Easter table can be as fun and as it is creative.

Ensure you have enough plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery to host your big feast.

Also consider your table decorations – candles, holders, flowers and ribbons will make your table beautiful.

And don’t forget about the guest bathroom – an aromatic hand wash and moisturising lotion add a nice touch. Don’t forget fresh towels.

Find homewares at Loft 469, Ruby’s Gifts, Dalgarno’s of Elsternwick, Mercantile Home, Tonic Australia.

Find flowers and plants at Simeon’s Florist and Crabtree & Weeks.

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